The following is an index for case investigation, lab, and court documents, and trial transcripts.

More will be added as they come available.

Investigation Case Files

Cellphone Records
Paul Cortez: November 19, November 20, November 27
Paul Cortez & Catherine Woods Text Messages
Andrew Gold – November 27

Crime Scene/Medical Examiner Photos
Catherine Woods: Blond hairs between fingers (Caution: graphic)

Forensic Lab Reports
Evidence: Hairs & Fibers Submission Report
Evidence: Investigatory Evidence Samples Submission Report
Evidence: Sketchers Boots, Crime Scene Supplementary Report
Dept. Of Forensic Biology Medical Examiner Report

Court Documents

Witness Testimony [.txt]

Court Business – Introductory proceedings in the trial of Paul Cortez
Casolaro Opening – DA Peter Casolaro’s Opening Statements
Florio Opening – Defense Dawn Florio’s Opening Statements
John Woods – First Witness Catherine’s father
Court Business – Discussing admission of potentially prejudicial photographs
Court Miranda – Florio Business – Discussing Laura Miranda’s contempt of court penalty and sit in of crime scene expert
Officer John Sheedy – NYPD officer, first officer on scene, security protocols
EMT Warren Lau – One of 4 paramedics on scene, description of scene and ER protocols
Court Florio Business – Follow up on Florio’s request for expert to sit in
Andrew Gold – Catherine’s upstairs neighbor who heard assault and provides time frame of events
Mariane Johnson – 911 Operator, procedural protocols
Court Business – Lawyers argue admissibility and relevance of select journal and lyric entries
John Entenmann – NYPD CSI investigator, scene survey and photographs, evidence collected and documented
Court Photo Business – Lawyers argue admissibility and relevance of select crime scene photos of Catherine Woods
Jacques Szwarcbart – Neighbor of Paul Cortez, testimony about Paul taking out the trash
John Entenmann – NYPD CSI investigator, broken guitar and fingerprints collection
Michael Reilly – Co-op building manager assisting with providing video surveillance footage of area on night of crime
Alex Chacko – NYPD forensic analyst, fingerprint technology and analysis regarding latent print
Abdhul K. – David Haughn’s co worker providing time frame for witnessing David on evening of crime
Joseph T. – David Haughn’s supervisor providing time frame for witnessing David on evening of crime
Court Business – Defense raising objections to journal and lyric entries
Annabelle Branigan – NYPD Associate Fingerprint Technician, fingerprint technology and analysis of latent print
Gabreal Dominguez – Legal Compliance Agent for T-Mobile, cell records for Paul Cortez, tower fielding
James Carrick- Verizon and Andrew Scott Arnold – Nextel – Cell records, calls placed to and by Paul Cortez
Joanna Schlesser-Perry – Chief Medical Examiner DNA lab, victim intake procedures and evidence collected and documented
William Bodziak – Footwear Impression Examiner, Sketchers boots and tread impressions
David Haughn – Catherine’s room mate, reportedly discovered body and phoned 911; general life and history
Mary Nanartowicz – Cingular Wireless Billing, testimony to authenticity of cell phone records
Salvatore Traumuto – Retail Sales Manager Sketchers boot, authenticating boot evidence
Michael Ahearne – NYPD  detective who took and reviewed Paul’s statements
Michael Callan – NYPD detective who took Paul’s statements for DD5 (typed report of interview)
Alejandro C – Former bandmate and friend of Paul Cortez, lyric journal, music, general relationship to Paul
Stephanie Bucci – Friend of Paul Cortez, with  whom he had spent afternoon of November 27
Margaret Rickter – Retired, claims to have seen Catherine arguing with male on sidewalk; collected bible from garbage
Valerie Wade-Allison – NYPD Crime Lab, hair analysis
Court Business Witness – Brief acknowledgment and skipping of witness who was not present for testimony
Thomas Forte – NYPD Crime Scene Unit Detective evidence collection from Equinox Gym
Brian Sampson. – Attorney, client of Paul Cortez
Steven Goetz – NYPD Lead Homicide Detective in case of Catherine Woods homicide
Court Business – Witness scheduling and order of appearance
Court Business – Witness scheduling, exhibit entry
Steven Goetz – NYPD Lead Homicide Detective in case of Catherine Woods homicide (continuing from previous)
Court Business – Juror scheduling, photo exhibit clarification
Dr. Michael Greenberg – Medical Examiner City of New York, autopsy findings, wound analysis
Court Business – Lawyers discuss receipt of various autopsy slides for Defense
Spenser Lebowitz – Acquaintance of Paul Cortez who spent part of November 27 with Paul at sports bar
Court Business – Defense motions prima facie, denied by judge
John Sheedy – NYPD officer, reiterating statement of David Haughn on time frame
Kevin Walla – NYPD Detective, DD5 report content and witness statements from Paul’s neighbor
Wilfredo Acosta – Character witness for Paul Cortez
Anonymous Female One – Character witness for Paul Cortez
Langleyn Danowitz - Character witness for Paul Cortez
Jaki Levy – Character witness for Paul Cortez, testimony on Paul’s demeanor November 27
John Doe – Character witness for Paul Cortez
Jeffrey Danowitz – Character witness for Paul Cortez
Court Business – Defense raises objections to testimony of Det. Kevin Walla and content of DD5
Jacqueline Kornblum – Character witness for Paul Cortez
Thomas Ryan/Paul Grubb – NYPD Detective, interviewed David Haughn, Defense attempts to impeach own witness and is denied; Grubb interviewed Andrew Gold, more on overheard assault on November 27

Court Business Witnesses – Discussing whether Det. Larrick who interviewed David Haughn’s coworkers will be called
Miranda Closing – Defense Laura Miranda Closing Argument
Court Business Juror Requests – Discussing jurors’ requests to review video and media (48 Hours) evidence
Court Business Verdict – Verdict reached in the trial of Paul Cortez

Supporting Research Documentation

Forensic Human Hair Examination Guidelines [.pdf]

Report On The NYPD Crime Lab Latent Print Development Unit Incident [.pdf]

Increasing The Specificity Of The Forensic Luminol Test For Blood [.pdf]

Crime Scene Investigation For Law Enforcement [.pdf]

Practical Homicide Investigation [offsite link]

Explore Forensics: Detecting Evidence After Bleaching [offsite link]

Forensic Science Central: Forensic Biology [offsite link]

Forensic Magazine [offsite link]

Antenna Search [offsite link] 

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